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Support provided to young carers


Young Carer Assessment - Home Visit

Visiting a young carer, their family and the cared for person at home to complete a face-to-face assessment about the impact of the caring role give us the opportunity to create a support plan. It also gives the young carer an opportunity to share their experience, express their opinions, and tell us what they need. This is the service that can have the greatest long-term impact for the young carer. 

Our assessment process has connected young carers to services that provide mentoring, respite opportunities, tutoring, social activities, counselling and more. We have identified young carers that need more support to be able to regularly attend school, and have been able to guide families to support that gives young carers a break from their caring responsibilities.

A thorough assessment can be the difference between a young carer feeling isolated and alone, to feeling supported and positive about the future.  In most cases families do not know about the services that are available, and young carers are unable to refer themselves to services due to lack of knowledge about available supports, or understanding the referral process due to their young age. 

We are able to effectively link young carers and families to the relevant support for their unique situation. If you know someone who would benefit from a Young Carer Assessment, click here.

Sports equipment

We have been able to support a young carer with the equipment they needed to return to soccer training, including new soccer boots and shin pads.  Financial pressures on families who are caring from someone with a disability can limit the types of activities that young carers can participate in.

One pair of soccer boots can equal four or more hours of exercise per week, and encourage young carers to look after their own health.  It might seem like a small item, but when you think about what a good pair of sports boots can give to the owner when they are put to use, there is a greater impact. Team sports are social, active and fun.  We want to support more young carers to experience all of these things. 

Respite space

Having space to yourself to take a break or study is so important for young carers. We were able to assist a young carer to create their own respite space by providing limited financial assistance that contributed to the cost of a new bed and desk.  Many young carers share a bedroom with the sibling they care for so thinking about how the space can be best used, or creating another space in the home where possible, can have a big impact on a young carer. 

Practical resources like a personal study desk can encourage young carers to complete their homework.   Young carers can spend more time at home than their peers so a space of their own where they can take a break, study or socialise can make a difference.


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