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Who we are

CaringKids is a registered charity dedicated to providing practical support for young people (aged 18 years or less) who care for disabled or chronically ill family members in South East and South West Sydney.

We aim to alleviate the financial disadvantage and social isolation young people may experience as a result of their caring responsibilities.  We also aim to ease some of the impact of caring on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Why we want to help

The ABS (2015)* estimates there are approximately 100,000 young carers in NSW under the age of 25, with approximately 9% or 4,900 young carers identifying as primary carers.  Young people typically receive no recognition or support for their caring responsibilities and remain hidden from service providers, educators and their communities.  Due to the hidden nature of caring at a young age, it is thought that the number of young people identifying as young carers is under-reported.

Young carers may take on tasks such as housework, shopping, cooking, liaising with health professionals, being responsible for financial matters as well as providing care of a physical and intimate nature. Some provide care for a small number of hours per week while others provide much more, which can leave little time for recreation or social activities.

Caring responsibilities may begin in primary school and extend throughout high school and beyond. We believe that young carers should be supported in their carer role, and that this support is of benefit to the entire family, including the person needing care.

What we do

Every family is different and every caring situation is different. Examples of support we may offer to address the social and emotional impact of caring include:

  • A home-visit assessment undertaken by a qualified health professional with the young carer, their family and the cared for person to understand the impact and nature of the caring role, and the needs of the family
  • A detailed referral plan for the young carer and their family aimed at connecting or providing them with practical support
  • Assisted referral to services, follow-up and review of support received
  • Limited financial assistance for recreation and personal development or essential household items

Who we work with

CaringKids works with other charitable organisations, community groups, volunteers and businesses to ensure the best possible support services for young carers and their families can be provided.

Who we help

To receive a service from CaringKids, young carers are:

  • aged 18 years or less
  • the primary carer (spends the most time caring compared to other family members), OR
  • the alternate carer (cares independently when the primary carer is absent), OR
  • spending many hours on caring responsibilities each week
  • experiencing financial hardship
  • residing in South West and South East Sydney. South Western Sydney includes suburbs within Canterbury-Bankstown, City of Fairfield, City of Liverpool, City of Campbelltown, Camden Council, and Wollondilly Shire Council. South Eastern Sydney includes suburbs within Georges River Council, Bayside Council, Sutherland Shire Council, City of Randwick, Waverley Council, and Municipality of Woollahra.

We hope to extend our service provision area in the future.

* Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2015, SDAC Report.



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